Anna Danilova Was born in Moscow, Russia. She started dancing at the age of 5. She did different styles of dancing, including ballet, contemporary jazz dancing and Latin dancing.

She also attended the music school in Moscow for 8 years, which she graduated from as a singer, pianist and musicologist. Upon moving to the U.S. in 2000, Salt Lake City Utah, she switched her career to Finance/ Wall Street. But shortly after, she joined Drugaya Forma dance studio in Utah and danced there for over 2 years. She also pursued modeling and acting for a few years in Salt Lake City, Utah.
In 2008, Anna moved to New York to continue her finance career. Once she achieved her goals in Finance, she decided to pursue her Artistic matters on the side. This time she was focusing on Latin Dancing, specifically bachata, which took her to bachata sensual.
Upon moving to New York, Anna also attended Piel Canela Dance Studio for about a year, where she was able to refresh and advance her dancing skills.

In 2015, Anna decided to open up a dance studio, focusing on sensual bachata, which Anna is so passionate about. After attending multiple workshops from her idols – Daniel & Desiree and Korke & Judith – Anna realized that sensual bachata was the style she would like to pursue and bring that soft touch to New York to share the passion with the students here.